The Do's and Don'ts of Maintaining Wood Flooring
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The Do's and Don'ts of Maintaining Wood Flooring
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Wood flooring can increase the value of your home and add class to any room. Although it's a popular flooring option, many homeowners don't know how to really care for it. Here are several do's and don'ts to help you maintain your wood flooring.


- Put mats at each entrance. Bristle mats can help catch the larger pieces of dirt and smaller pebbles that could cause tiny scratches.hardwood-floor

- Place felt pads underneath the legs of all your furniture. Without the padding, furniture can cause scratches.

- Keep your pet's nails trimmed.

- Wipe up spills immediately and make sure to avoid using soft towels or wet/dry vacuum to dry it.


- Try not to wear shoes with sharp heels. Depending on the material that the sole is made of, the bottom of it can cause deep scratches or dents.

- Don't use wet mops. The water in these mops can cause serious damage to wood flooring. It's best to use a dry damp mop to avoid any excess water getting through the wood.  Hardwood steamers are a good option.

- Don't drag furniture. Dragging can cause deep scratches in your hard wood floors. The best way to avoid this is with gliding furniture pads.

- Don't use wet swiffer type products or oil based soaps. Anything wet can cause damage to hardwood floors and the use of oil soap can create a residue build up, which dulls the look of the floor.  Stick to a fine spray mist and products made specifically for hardwood floors.